Standard sizes are rectangular shapes starting with 200 mm x 300 mm and up to 1500 mm x 3000 mm. Other shapes are available upon request.

The heating glass is directly connected to the power supply while a device for temperature regulation can be connected. A temperature regulation can be used in order to control the room temperature. Heating glass should only be used after detailed consultation with the according planner or heating system engineer. Ipatherm heating glass is suitable for usage in window systems. When installed in IGUs, the ipatherm unit usually is installed on the side facing the room. Each single panel must be configured by interpane in terms of heating power.

Panel Temperature Control

Monitoring is used for adjusting the exact temperature and ensures a reliable control of the temperature under 60 °C as it is necessary for heating powers starting with 200 W/m². Each pane requires a separate temperature monitoring. A connection of the panes up to 10 A is possible without separate contactor.


Room temperature thermostats are used in order to evaluate the power requirements for heating the individual room. Common room temperature thermostats with contactor output can be used for this. One room temperature thermostat can be used for a total of 10 A current. Additional contactors can be used in order to control any number of heating glass panes with a single room temperature thermostat.


This application is only used for systems with a low power (< 200 W/m²). One feasible application is de-fogging of windows. Technical documentation is available in various languages at Interpane Hildesheim.

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