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Be on the safe side! You can easily handle your projects with our professional expertise and our wide product range:

  • insulation glass for every situation: heat insulation, noise and sun protection – each combinable with safety glass
  • insulation glass with special functions: Heatable or switchable glass, safety glass such as glass with alarm circuit
  • isoblinds: Glass with integrated shutters or built-in light direction control by means of engravings in the glass
  • isophoton – laser engraving of flat glass: Large format laser engraving on the glass surface or inside the glass up to 4 x 10 meters
  • trisophon – patented insulation glass with polycarbonate: The attack resistant insulation glass with freely configurable features
  • XL-Insulation glass made by isophon glas: Fully automatic manufacturing of IGUs
  • glass processing: Beveling, grinding, polishing, drilling and sandblasting of glass
  • isophon glas logistics: Manufacturing, transport, assembling and installation assistance for your glass



Using one of the most modern production facilities that the industry has to offer, isophon glass is capable of providing a fully automatic cutting process for laminated glass.

Glass panels are fully automatically cut and processed in sizes up to 7.30 x 3.21 m. This state-of-the-art cutting optimization provides an economically and ecologically sustainable usage of raw glass.

Left over panes from previous projects are automatically stored in one of the world’s largest remastering systems from where they can be injected back into the production process whenever needed.


When producing insulation glass, we have a machine park with cutting-edge technology ready for your project since we know that cutting the glass is only the first of many steps when it comes to manufacturing high-quality insulation glass. Be it the processing of the glass, beveling the edges or partial removing of coatings before the assembly of the insulated glass unit – all required steps are done in-house by our specialized staff and with advanced machinery.

Satisfying the requirement of high quality, we produce our insulation glass fully automatically whenever possible. Very demanding projects with glass units with up to 15 m length can be produced in a semi automatic process.


We have the know-how to solve any problem: Be it broken glass, a fast delivery or very demanding project planning. Due to this, we are more than happy and prepared for your possible challenges. Our warehouse is loaded with 250 different jumbo sized raw glass panels waiting for your project, which allows for way more flexible reacting to the most demanding project schedules on time without waiting for sub vendors or raw glass deliveries. Usually, we ship your glass between 24 and 48 hours after we receive your order.

This is how we can offer delivery timing that meets most ambitious schedules. In order to receive a more precise scheduling, we recommend to contact our shipping department.


We are constantly expanding and modernizing our machinery in order to meet the highest expectations of our customers:

  • 2 sand blasting cabinets
  • facet polishing machine from Bovone
  • 2 laser processing systems from Cerion
  • large Baudin polishing machine for glasses with up to 60 mm thickness and up to 60 ° slant
  • milling system from Schraml with a processing size of 3.21 x 7 m
  • 2 grinding machines 3 – 19 mm
  • 4 automatic glass cutting systems (1x vertical) for laminated glass in combination with a remaster unit
  • 2 automatic glass cutting systems for float-glass in combination with a remaster unit
  • automatic access to the glass stock with approx. 148 storage compartments
  • vertical robot processing system for polishing, drilling, milling, water jet cutting and edge processing of glass parts up to 3.21 x 4.50 m and 500 kg element weightt
  • glass tempering oven with convection 2.50 x 4.50 m
  • 2 insulation glass assembly systems
  • smaller system for producing glasses with a maximum size of 2.30 x 4.50 m and a thickness of 80 mm
  • larger system for producing glasses with a maximum size of 3.21 x 15 m and a thickness of 150 mm
  • 2 spacer bending machines

(As of 01/2017)

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