Consulting, Manufacturing and Installation from one Supplier

Good planning is essential for a perfect result. In order to achieve the perfect product life span, we have very experienced specialists that are always there to help out. Besides, we deliver all finished end-products from our own production facilities right to your doorstep.

We know how to make glass with the right dimensions, with the right look and with the right features.

The best glass for your project

Our know-how and our experience with over 10.000 successful projects nationally and internationally build the basis of a perfect product for your project.

Producing insulation glass is one of our specialities. Thus, a large amount of buildings in Europe and overseas are equipped with glazings from isophon glas.

Our experts know what is needed in order to set up the best solution for you. You have to consider a lot of factors when choosing your insulation glass

  • shape and size of the glass
  • requirements for load capability and fall protection of the glass
  • strength of every single glass and structure in the insulation glass system
  • geographic alignment on site, opacity and sun exposure
  • functional coatings and colorings for the optical appearance
  • type and intensity of gas fillings in the gaps
  • desired thermal transmittance
  • requirements in terms of attack resistance
  • sound-insulation effect if desired
  • additional requirements such as fire protection
  • optical customization of the glass by means of coatings, printings, lacquering, coloring or engraving


isophon is the leading manufacturer for insulation glass with optimized features in terms of thermal energy conservation as we can deliver special glasses with Ug values of 0.3 W/m2K as well as all insulation glazings with the best heat insulation and added functionality such as sound and attack protection:

  • insulation glass with an outstanding thermal transmittance of 0.3 W/m2K
  • triple-glazed insulation glass with the highest heat insulation up to 0.4 W/m2K
  • double glazed insulation glass with coatings, special gasses in the air gaps and thermal transmittance up to 0.5 W/m2K
  • insulation glass with special functions such as sun, attack and sound protection as well as other features

You have to include all relevant factors when it comes to customizing insulation glass. We show you what it comes down to and how you can achieve good results for your project.


Shipping and handling your glass

Glass is a component that needs to be at its destination as quickly as possible. isophon glas is a well-known specialist when it comes to quick and safe handling of glass, as we have 500 basis glazings in our storage. Besides, we have our own vehicle fleet, which is why we can make sure that your glass is always at the right place at the right time.

In most cases, we deliver our products within Germany with our own vehicle fleet. However, global shipping is done with specialized shipping agents. We offer full service with packaging and all paperwork.

Shipping by Specialists

Glass transport at isophon is done with an own vehicle fleet and with special transport racks, consisting of over 15 vehicles, starting with transporters all the way to flatbed trucks equipped with cranes.

Oversize glass is shipped with our five crane trucks and large suction systems.

Just-in-time on construction sites

For bigger projects we deliver glass „Just-In-Time“ if required. We always work on a well structured delivery schedule and we will provide help with the installation if needed.


After the production and delivery there is one more step before a project is finished: the installation of the glazings.

We provide specialized equipment and tools to ensure a perfect installation on site.

We can supply any desired help for any given installation situation. Our vehicles are equipped with according cranes and suction systems.

Heavy duty: The Glasboy

Also, we have two Glasboys for demanding installation situations. The Glasboys are mobile glass positioning and installation machines with integrated suction system.

The Glasboy 033 is suitable for units up to 500 kg, whereas the Glasboy 055 can install units up to 1000 kg.

We can provide all assembly personnel and the Glasboy even for longer stays if arranged beforehand.

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