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At isophon glas, we do not just produce insulation glass, we are also specialized in the processing and finishing of glass.

Being capable of drilling, polishing, sandblasting, sawing and milling glass without any limitations, we are capable of processing glas in a lot of different ways using innovative techniques and the most advanced machinery.

Thanks to our advanced laser system, we can deliver any kind of glass with sizes up 4 x 10 m with nearly any given image. Furthermore, we provide a wide range of colored glass and any type of mirror.


Painted, colored and coated glasses are the foundation for an individual customization of glass.

If you want to give your kitchen, bathroom or reception area a clean and appealing look, you should consider getting painted, low- maintenance glasses from isophon glas.

We can design any glass any way you want and can process and cut it anyway you like.

The painted glass Lacobel from AGC Flat Glass reflects the beauty of your design and it intensifies the color with brilliant light surfaces. Color variations are created through shadow appearances and constantly changing illumination effects. It makes your room seem larger by adding depth and presenting new perspectives.

In addition to that, we are capable of customizing any type of glass to an insulation glass on demand which allows a combination of a visual cover with heat insulation.

Discover the 24 colors of the new product range from Lacobel and enjoy new effects with light and space:


Laser finishing opens up new dimensions for architects and facade design. isophon glas offers laser engraving to almost any kind of glass surface up to 4 x 10 m.

Further information is available at isophoton.


In the past, one distinguished between moisture resistant mirrors, crystal mirrors and many other product names that often varied from region to region. Nowadays, the difference is just between the used glass and the used coat of lacquer. Basically any mirror is available at isophon glas.

Almost any mirror type is available in a moisture-proof version and thus can be used in bathrooms and kitchens.

Mirror Engraving

Our isophoton laser engraving system can engrave any mirror with any motive on the front or on the back. This results in an unlimited number of possibilities for individual mirrors. Your mirror can be set up with an individual look resulting from a backside lighting and with an astonishing appearance.

isophon glas has mirrors in all forms and designs in stock: Laminated glass mirrors, bronzed or antique look mirrors or even as one-way vision mirror glass for entrance areas.

Feel free to contact us in case you need help selecting the right fastening material or mirror-adhesive for the installation and we will be happy to assist you.


Nearly any version of structured, textured or figured glass is available at isophon glas. We have every kind of common structured glass in stock and are more than happy to assist you whenever you need an exotic type of textured glass.

In addition to that, we are naturally able to integrate any type of glass into an insulation glass, which allows us to combine a visual cover with heat insulation.


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