Tempered glass

Suitable for numerous installation situations


Suitable for numerous installation situations.

Tempered glass is manufactured by heating the glass and rapidly cooling it down again while maintaining a specific distribution of tension within the glass.

This results in a number of new properties of the tempered glass:

  • increased bending strength
  • increased impact resistance
  • increased temperature shift durability
  • decreased risk of injuries


Buildings used for sportive activities

  • gyms, indoor tennis centers and multiple purpose gyms

Schools and kindergartens

  • prevention of injuries at glass failure
  • higher resistance against impacts

Overhead glazings

  • safe from hail impacts and falling objects
  • we recommend to install tempered glass when using insulation glass for the overhead areas

Construction on company buildings and homes

  • doors, stair railings, room dividers, terrace and balcony glazings

Glass facades

  • insulation glazing and curtain walling panels for whole glass and reflecting facades


Tempered glass is used in areas where high thermic stress is expected due to its significantly higher temperature shift durability compared to pre-stressed glass.

  • glazings with high radiation absorption levels
  • glazings near to heat sources such as radiators (< 30 cm).

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