Sun protection with the highest demands

Thanks to innovative technology from isophon glas


Thanks to innovative technology from isophon glas.

isoblinds are blinds within the insulation glass with best technical performance and highest quality while they are available in sizes up to 6 x 3.21 m.

Easy usability of isoblinds is achieved through electronic controls. Any given type of control is possible: A simple pushbutton all the way to the high-tech control system integrated within the overall building infrastructure.

A sophisticated approach utilizing the isoblind system (sun protection, illumination control and shadowing) can reduce the overall costs by 50 % in comparison with conventional systems, whereas the day-to-day costs for heating and air conditioning can be reduced by up to 80 %.

All products are located in the well protected gap within the 2 or 3 pane IGU, which perfectly protects the blinds from any kind of contamination or obstruction.


  • Sun Protection

    reduced costs for air conditioning

  • Insulation

    reduced costs for heating

  • Controlled natural lighting

    reduced costs for artificial illumination

  • Maintenance-free

    protected from any outside contamination

  • Electronic control

    simplest operation

  • CErtified

    Long-term functional testing by Fraunhofer Institute


The motor driven blinds inside the IGU offer perfect protection from sunlight, glare and sight, as well as pleasant shading. This is achieved by using highly reflecting convex elements within the blinds with a short range closing angle.

Additionally, the electric blinds result in the possibility to control the direction of the daylight and the amount of the daylight within the building. Due to this, an according position of the elements of the blind can direct the sunlight way into the building. This is done with the concave geometry of the elements and by directing the light to the ceilings. This function is maintained with a defined element orientation, which is individually calculated for the according application.

Glass roofs can be equipped with isoblind: The fixed sun-protection system offers shade and sun protection with fixed slats. The outstanding shade and sun-protection performance results in optimized sight and an additional energy saving in those times of the year with low solar radiation as the orientation of the slats is individually calculated for the according application.

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