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Glass has become an essential component of any house with modern architecture. Glass doors, room dividers and sliding panels made out of our of glass offer the possibility of a spatial disconnection without sacrificing the feeling of freedom. This way, you can have a comfortable environment at your workplace, home or places you visit in your free time.


Plenty of opportunities for design and functionality: No other material offers the features glass does. Especially small bathrooms need to utilize the space effectively in order to open up the room’s full potential and to create a visually pleasant environment.

We are able to design an open conception of space using your individual architectual guidelines when working with glass showers.

  • as bathtub connection, customized shower, round or rectangular solution
  • customized solutions or glass rear enclosures are naturally possible upon request
  • available in transparent, structured or printed versions
  • high-end design fittings with different surfaces
  • resistant materials result in long service life
  • also available with easy-to-clean coating
  • very hygienic due to easy-to-clean design

The highlight for your bathroom

Showers made of glass are optimal solutions for numerous applications in bathroom design. Using 6 or 8 mm tempered glass makes these showers durable as well as transparent, which allows the installation of showers in bathrooms that otherwise would appear cluttered.

Perfect Processing

Using high-end materials and manufacturing perfectly results in a reliable product with a long service life that has easily closable doors as well as seals that put the water in the right direction.

Individually Customized

As every bathroom is unique, the all-glass showers are manufactured according to the individual requirements.

Slanted roofs, individual tub shapes and walls, even pipe openings can be compensated, therefore allowing the showers to be used in any type of bathroom. The following shower shapes are available:

  • doors
  • showers in recesses
  • corner showers
  • five-side showers
  • round showers

Invisible Safety

In order to maintain perfect safety, the showers are made of tempered glass. This material is resistant to a great deal of bending as well as impact. If the glass is broken, it crumbles into tiny little pieces that are no threat in terms of serious injury.

Low Maintenance Systems

It is also possible to apply a special coating that limits calcium and soap contamination. This is done by applying a surface tension that lets all liquid quickly drip off, which results in reducing the manual cleaning effort.


Victorian, modern or minimalistic – there is one thing that all sunrooms have in common: Glass is the dominating component.

There are a lot of questions people have before deciding to purchase a sunroom. You have to consider important factors like heat insulation and sun protection before purchasing the right glass. Specifically coated glass does not allow dirt to set on the surface and if it does the rain will wash most of it away. This way extensive contamination is slowed down and the manual cleaning effort is reduced.

You should contact isophon glas for our expert knowledge to make sure that all requirements are met.

The SANCO functional glazings are particularly well-suited because of their multifunctional features, thus being the perfect partner to deliver the glass for your sunroom. Additionally, we are also able to produce oversized or special glasses for your individual configuration.


The Porch Roof System

Lightweight, transparent and elegant, that is what you can say about SANCO ROOF only using a few words. The interaction between the transparent glass elements and stainless steel clamps makes SANCO ROOF the ideal shelter against the weather without darkening the entrance, display windows or terrace. Not only does the combination of glass and high-quality fittings offer a nice appearance, it also can be integrated into any given design. Be it for new construction projects or for building renewals, for private homes or in commercial constructions. As SANCO ROOF is always manufactured individually, it is easy to install and safe. However, SANCO ROOF is more than just a slanted roof, as it also has to fulfill increased requirements in terms of safety and glazing technology.

Weatherproof in terms of Hail and Storm

SANCO ROOF provides maximum safety resulting from the high-end stainless steel fittings and a durable wall mounting kit. Main part of the roof system is a laminated glass made of tempered glass panels which complies with numerous European building codes while the lamination ensures that there is no significant danger in case the glass breaks.

A sturdy transparent or colored film between the glass panes holds the broken glass pieces back.

Maximum load measured for remaining stability: 1700 x 3300 mm.

Special solutions are naturally possible.

A system that gives you plenty of room for creative ideas

  • complete Porch Roof System
  • individual fabrication, special solutions possible
  • high-end stainless steel fittings, durable mounting kits and laminated glass for highest safety
  • fittings are available in numerous shapes
  • simple fast assembly
  • weatherproof and UV-resistant glass limits cleaning time
  • light-weight and elegant
  • various design possibilities


Glass stairs are no longer just a trend for public and commercial buildings, nowadays you can find them in private households as well.

The reason for this is obvious: Glass stairs give modern architecture a perfect look and provide elegance while additionally being easy to integrate in numerous designs. Besides, they open up a wide range of different possibilities. Modern room designs receive an elegant finish.

Some advantages are the high durability and low maintenance. Our special treatment ensures slip prevention.

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