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Our history


The Beginning of our Quality Brand

A thriving business was born when Dieter Bold founded the family business isophon glass in Grebendorf near Eschwere in 1979.

He built a warehouse on his parents‘ property and started producing IGUs with four employees.

[Dieter Bold – founder of the company]


Success requires space

However, space was limited on Dieter Bold’s parents‘ property, which is why isophon glas had to move to Staufenberg in 1986.

As the new location offered new possibilities, the first heat protecting coating was processed by the ten-person team.


Continuous enhancements through expansion

However, eventually even the new production halls in Staufenberg were not big enough to meet all of the customers‘ demands. Innovative production machines and the third legislation in terms of thermal insulation in the year 1995 were factors for yet another relocation so the search was on for a place to stay for the long term.


Arrival in Hann. Münden

Using the old facilities of Hoch-Tief in Hann. Münden near Göttingen, isophon glas was able to produce high quality products with innovative product lines. Investing in a huge 40 meter long production line and a new cutting department with a fully automatic unit allowed fast deliveries and high quality products.

Entering the SANCO-Group, isophon glas became a member of an European alliance of very successful insulation glass manufacturers.


Recognizing our qualities

In 1997 isophon glas was awarded the „RAL-seal of quality“ for its insulation glass manufacturing. High quality products, a long product lifespan, reliable features and trustworthy consulting have been qualities that distinguish us from many competitors ever since then. More precisely, this means that our quality is not only subject to strict self-controls but also to external ones, controls that are based on both technical as well as market expectations.


One family, One company

Torsten Bold became isophon glas‘ second manager next to his father – a breath of fresh air with the same values and quality demands.



A growing team

Following high output figures and growing demands, isophon glas has grown to a workforce of 70 employees. A new production hall was built and the new cutting systems with a remaster system made sure that there is a sustainable production with a two shift procedure.


Hann. Münden – transformation of its location

Through continuous expansion of the plant in Hann. Münden, the production area increased to about 6000 m2.


Technical revolution

Aiming to expand the glass processing department, a new laser processing facility was purchased and a very powerful sanding machine was installed.


Constantly innovative

isophon glas installed one of the most advanced IGU fabrication facilities in 2012 for IGUs with a maximum length of 12 m. State-of-the-art production and outstanding precision distinguishes our products from the competitors‘.


Flexible and advanced

Since then we have installed a high-tech robot system and an enormous glass tempering oven on our site which enhances our flexibility even further and lets us comply with our customers‘ demands even more flexible. Currently, we employ 150 highly motivated employees.

With this additional workforce and with a tremendous amount of motivated employees we are very optimistic when talking about our company’s future.

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