trisophon protect is a modular lightweight insulation glass system with highest attack resistance up to P8B resulting from its integrated polycarbonate panel.

Additionally, trisophon alarm protect is equipped with a tempered glass pane with an alarm circuit and is designed for highest requirements in exclusive private homes, jewelry stores and museums.


trisophon for panic doors

For public buildings doors with anti-panic function are required by law in accordance with DIN EN 1125. trisophon panic protect finally provides a code compliant solution for these requirements by providing the integrated 8 mm polycarbonate panel inside the 3 pane IGU.

A panic door has to fulfill special requirements: It has to prevent intrusion from the outside while it still has to easily let people out from the inside in case of an emergency.

trisophon panic protect fulfills these requirements as its inside polycarbonate panel provides a substantial attack resistance while being thin, light-weight and much more durable compared with other products.

While the floating polycarbonate panel inside the IGU-system helps reduce transmission of thermal energy, the floating itself results in the fact that kinetic energy is not absorbed in one point – it is absorbed by the entire panel.

The trisophon product family allows the fist code compliant, durable and affordable multi pane solution for doors and emergency exits in public buildings. The usage in WK3 components is given by an ift-test report.


Bullet resistance up to BR6 NS, reduced element weight and highest thermal insulation trisophon bullet combines low weight, minimal thickness and Ug values as low as 0.3 W/m²K as well as a perfect appearance and long service life. The laminated glass on the attack side softens the projectile, the polycarbonate within the IGU absorbs the kinetic energy. trisophon bullet is available with resistance classes of BR3 NS up to BR6 NS.


trisophon is tested by ift Rosenheim, the Fraunhofer institute in Stuttgart, and Beschussamt Mellrichstadt (German test center for firearms).

The patented integration of the polycarbonate within the gap ensures that trisophon fulfills the requirements for IGUs specified in DIN 1279.

The regulations for the RAL Certification are fulfilled.

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