Outstanding possibilities

with basic designs


You can apply logos and lettering to three different designs and illuminate these respectively as the innovative technology AEQUILUX opens up completely new possibilities in architecture and interior design.

  • LINES: sets modern accents with its linear design
  • DOTS: offers a simple but extraordinary appearance
  • MINIDOTS: almost fully transparent without illumination and offers privacy when illuminated


In accordance with the promise „light comes floating into your life“ AEQUILUX wants to achieve powerful products that offer extraordinary solutions to meet our customers’ demands.

Energy-saving, long-lasting and beautiful products: AEQUILUX keeps our environment in mind as we aim to be an innovative and responsible company when it comes to dealing with resources.

Working with local German suppliers and highly motivated employees our goal is to achieve the best possible customer satisfaction. AEQUILUX aims to be an example for long-lasting products for a pleasant work environment.

For both Ruetz Technologies and isophon glas it is very important to be recognized as family businesses, which is why we do not stop at the actual family, as all employees are regarded as part of it.

Creativity can only exist when there is satisfaction.


The multiple lightning techniques and engravings of logos were extensively calculated and optimized. Engraving structures on glass surfaces offers multiple advantages compared to other procedures:

  • The small scale of the laser engraving itself results in the fact that the glass remains highly transparent when not illuminated. At the same time, it is possible to engrave rough structures into the glass to achieve an anti-slip surface.
  • The engravings are resistant to wear and tear.

Using the most advanced laser technologies in the world in an outstanding laser engraving center at isophon glas, AEQUILUX is able to achieve the most precise shapes with a resolution of 600 dpi, which means that the shapes are precise in the micrometer range. This technology is the basis of a great number of different structures that can be used in order to establish a huge number of different images.

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