Isoswitch is a switchable glass that is able to be switched from transparent to opaque with the press of a button.

The active laminated glass is made out of two DIAMANT glasses where a liquid (LC layer) is added between the EVA or PVB foils. This liquid layer is made out of two electrically conducting PET layers that are connected by means of a liquid gel. In opaque mode, the crystals inside the glass are not aligned. The crystals align whenever a voltage is applied and the otherwise opaque layer immediately becomes transparent. With Isoswitch the amount of light that passes through the glass remains the same. In opaque mode the glass can be used as projection screen for presentations, images or movies.


Assembly and usage of the Isoswitch glass must be done as follows:

  • The temperature range must be between +60 °C and -20 °C.
  • Any pressure on the glass surfaces, cable outlets and the cables themselves must be prevented wherever possible.
  • Furthermore, the transformer must be easily accessible for any future maintenance or repair.
  • The control of the glass can be done with a remote control as well as a switch located at the transformer.
  • It is essential that the assembly is carried out by specialized and qualified staff as this ensures high quality and a long system life.



We always manufacture the Isoswitch glass according to your requirements which means that holes and openings on the edge are possible upon request. However, with respect to the special properties of the glass, no further cutting or processing is possible after delivery.

Power rails and cable outlets

Depending on the proportions of the glass, the power supply rails are located on the longer or the shorter side of the glass. In general, the cable outlet is located on the top.


  • 2 year warranty for electronic parts
  • 5 year guarantee for the functionality of switching the glass on and off
  • European fabrication with CE-Certification
  • This warranty is only valid when the assembly guidelines were followed correctly.

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